TEOS 300 - 400 :

TEOS are considered as medium-sized measuring machines.
They are part of the range of 3D DELTEC multi-sensors machines:
This machine is perfectly adapted to measure intermediary size of parts (between small parts measured by LEOS equipment and large-scale checked by TEOS 6.6.4.)
This autonomous machine is specially featured to learn any part layout.
It will then reproduce measurements at infinity depending of your configuration.

TEOS 300


DELTEC suite

This machine is fitted with all of the tools you need for your tridimensional metrology (software and 3D structure).

 Pièces tolerie

Suitable for all controls: First part, process, laboratory, at entrance, at exit, during production...

Machines multi capteurs

Multi sensors machines : Beyond the traditional optical measurement, the DELTEC range supports tactile control and confocal color measurement.


Automatic control of parts (single or multiple, by step and repeat). Ergonomic workstation with one or two screen(s).


You have parts too large that are not suitable for the LEOS 200.
You do not have room for a TEOS 6.6.4 ...
Here is the TEOS 300 - 400.

This rugged machine will ideally fit your work environment.
Equipped with a solid granite structure, you can operate this system safely.

It allows you to measure all your parts, in any sector:
through the automotive, electronics, the mechanics
to the pharmaceutical field.

Performance, precision and robustness are
the main adjectives of TEOS 300 - 400.

TEOS 400 specs

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