2D Digital profile projector


ICM D2P systems, is the result of 30 years of experience in metrology by vision. It give you quickness and and ease of execution.
Advantages of the digital profil projector ICM D2P :
● Quickness
● Repeatability
● Measurement report


The ICM range has been imagined to be the most efficient.

It makes the optic measure affordable to all:

Recognition of the item and automatic selection of the corresponding measuring program.

Checking of the piece whatever their position and orientation in the control area.

Adaptation of the field of view, increasement of the accuracy, the reproducibility and the objectivity of measurements, while reducing control time.

Recording and statistical analysis of measurements to optimize traceability and quality control.


Classified as a small machine, these systems are ergonomics and
allow to gain a lot of space.

All of this without loss of power and quality of measurement.

These latest-generation profil projector are line-side machines.
Thanks to their built-in PCs and their robustness, you can integrate them
in your manufacturing area without any worries.


Composed of a solid aluminum structure, you will not have to worry
about the position of the machine.

It is designed to withstand and operate in harsh environments.

The ICM profile projectors are available with their ICM Suite software:

It includes powerful tools to take advantage of the entire machine.

Because of their quality of measurement and their excellent accuracy,
we find these measuring machines in several fields, especially in:
watchmaking, micro-mechanics, electronics ...