2D Digital profile projector

The ICM SCAN offers a measuring field of view up to 200 x 200 mm. Indeed, the machine is fitted with a tray that moves in Y direction and a telecentric lens that moves in X direction. This is the only profile projector on the market that offers such a large measuring field.


The ICM range has been developed to be very easy to use and makes optical measurements affordable to all:

Recognition of the part and automatic selection of the corresponding measuring program.

Checking of the parts whatever their position and orientation in the control area.

Increase of accuracy, reproducibility and objectivity of measurements, while reducing control time.

Recording and statistical analysis of the measures to optimize traceability and quality control.


Classified as small machines, these systems are ergonomic and
allow space gain, without losing power and measuring quality.

The ICM SCAN has been developed to fit all requirements and needs.

Its versatility represents a great advantage.


The field of view of 200x200 mm represents an answer to various measurement problems:

  • Multi-part measurement
  • Ability to measure larger parts

The ICM SCAN system is already working in industrial
sectors such as: watchmaking, micro-mechanics, electronics...